Mediasite 6.0: Enable Automated Captioning for a Folder

When new presentations are added to a folder with automated captioning enabled, Mediasite automatically uploads their media files to 3Play Media. Once captioning is completed, 3Play Media uploads the closed caption file to the Mediasite server.

To enable automated captioning for a folder:


Step 1- Click Manage Content

Right-click the folder to which you want to add the content, then click Manage Content.


Step 2- Select Captioning

In the Manage Content dialog box select > Enable and then select Captioning  from the Select Content Type drop-down menu.

Mediasite 6.0 Manage Content

Step 3- Select 3Play Media

Click Select Caption Provider > Find Existing and select 3Play Media. If you don't see 3Play Media listed here, click Select Caption Provider > Add, then follow the instructions on linking your Mediasite and 3Play Media accounts.

Step 4- Select or deselect Include Subfolders

This option is selected by default. Clear this check box if you don't want to enable this content type for sub-folders in the selected folder.

Step 5- Click Save

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