MediaPlatform: Enable a Completed Caption Request

Once 3Play Media has completed your transcription request, follow the steps below to enable the completed caption track within your MediaPlatform account.


Step 1- Log into MediaPlatform

Log into your MediaPlatform account.

MediaPlatform logo


Step 2- Navigate to Assets

Once you have logged into your MediaPlatform account, navigate to the Assets page.


Step 3- Select your content

From the content listed on the Assets page select the media file associated with the completed caption file.


Step 4- Navigate to Edit Asset > Captions

Once your asset is selected, click on Edit
By default the Edit Asset menu will open to General tab. 
Click on the Captions tab.

Add Captions to MediaPlatform 

Step 5- Enable Caption Track

Click Enable to add the closed caption track to your asset.

Enable Closed Captions for MediaPlatform




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