MediaPlatform: Add Captions and Transcripts to Assets Manually

Captions and transcripts can be manually added to assets within your MediaPlatform account. 

MediaPlatform supports the WEBVTT closed caption format.
MediaPlatform supports the TXT and PDF transcript formats.

To download versions of your file in the supported formats, navigate to the My Files page from your 3Play Media account.

See more information on downloading transcripts and closed captions.

Once you have acquired your file in the preferred format follow the steps below to add them to MediaPlatform.


Step 1- Log into your MediaPlatform account

MediaPlatform logo

Step 2- Navigate to Assets

From the My Account page click on the Assets tab.


Step 3- Edit Asset

Select the asset you need to add captions or transcripts to and click Edit Asset

When the Edit Asset menu opens it will default to the General tab. 
Click on the Captions tab.

Add Captions to MediaPlatform


Step 4- Click Add Track

From the Captions tab click Add Track.

Add Captions Transcript Tracks to MediaPlatform


Step 5- Upload Captions or Transcripts

Navigate to Manual UploadAdd captions transcripts to assets on MediaPlatform To upload your WEBVTT caption file, click Choose Files displayed next to Caption File (.vtt)
Select the WEBVTT captions you downloaded to your computer from your 3Play Media account.

To upload your PDF or TXT transcripts, click Choose Files displayed next to Transcription (.txt or .pdf).
Select the PDF or TXT transcript you downloaded to your computer from your 3Play Media account.

 Once you have added your transcripts and captions, click Submit.


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