MediaPlatform: Request Closed Captions for MediaPlatform Content

MediaPlatform customers have the option to create and add 3Play Media's closed captions to content directly from their MediaPlatform account. In addition to closed captions, 3Play Media's interactive transcript plugin can be automatically added to a MediaPlatform video.

PLEASE NOTE: In order to take advantage of the integration between 3Play Media and your MediaPlatform account, you must first contact your MediaPlatform Sales Representative to enable 3Play Media as your closed captioning provider.

Note that when ordering captions from 3Play Media directly from your MediaPlatform account it is your MediaPlatform account that will be billed for the completed caption requests.

To get started, follow the directions below.


Step 1- Log into MediaPlatform

Log into your MediaPlatform account.

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Step 2- Navigate to Assets

Once you have logged into your MediaPlatform account, navigate to the Assets page.


Step 3- Select your content

From the content listed on the Assets page select the media file requiring captioning.


Step 4- Request Captions

Once your asset is selected, click on Edit.
By default the Edit Asset menu will open to General tab.
Click on the Captions tab and Transcription Service.

If 3Play Media has been enabled as your captioning provider by your MediaPlatform Account Representative, you will see two services provided by 3Play Media. If you do not see these options, please contact MediaPlatform to have 3Play added as your captioning provider.

Select 3PlayMedia - English to have a transcript created using a combination of automation and human clean-up. 
Select 3PlayMedia ASR- English to have a transcript generated solely by our speech recognition automated process.

Order closed captions for MediaPlatform content


Step 5- Submit

Once you have selected your captioning service from 3Play Media, click Submit. 
Upon completion of the captioning request, the captions will be need to be enabled from the Edit Asset > Captions page.

See more information on how to enable a completed caption track within MediaPlatform.

MediaPlatform captioning workflow



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