YouTube: Link Accounts and Enable Auto-Postback

Once you link your accounts, 3Play Media will be able to pull a feed of all public content from your YouTube channel.
You will then be able to upload your YouTube content for captioning and transcription directly from within the 3Play app.

By following the steps below the captions automatically postback to the associated videos on your YouTube channel when the files are completed by default. This feature can be disabled after initial setup.

Best Practices Tip
Before linking a 3Play Media account to a YouTube channel it is best practice to first sign out of all Google and YouTube pages. 

Step 1- Navigate to New Linked Account

From the My Files page click Upload. By default you will be directed to Upload > From Computer.
Hover your cursor over Linked Account and from the drop-down menu that appears click +New Linked AccountLink new YouTube channel for captioning workflow

Step 2- Select YouTube

Click the YouTube icon from the list of video platforms and lecture capture systems.
Once YouTube is selected you will be redirected to a Google sign in page.

Select YouTube


Step 3- Sign into Google

Enter the email address and password associated with your YouTube account.

Google sign in

PLEASE NOTE: If you were already signed into Google or YouTube, the channels associated with your credentials will display automatically.


Step 4- Select a YouTube channel

After signing into Google, the YouTube channels associated with your credentials are displayed.
Select the channel you want to link to your 3Play Media account.

YouTube channel Google authentication


Step 5- Click Accept

Click Accept to enable the link between your 3Play Media account and your YouTube channel.

YouTube captions service 3Play Media


After clicking Accept you will be redirected back to your 3Play Media account.
You will see a message that You have successfully linked your YouTube account! and also a feed of your YouTube channel's public videos

YouTube channel successfully linked for captioning

Remember that by default the captions will automatically be added to the associated videos on when the captions are completed by 3Play Media. 

To disable your captions from automatically posting back to your YouTube video, click on Settings located above your list of YouTube assets and turn auto-postback off.

YouTube settings for linked account

This will direct you to your linked account settings.
From this page, turn postback off and click Save Changes. 

Note that multiple YouTube channels can link to one 3Play Media account.
To link multiple channels, simply repeat the steps from this article.


Next step-

Upload your YouTube videos to 3Play Media for processing from your linked account

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