QuickTime: Adjust the Text Styling of Your Captions

Step 1- Open the QT file in a text editor

Find the QT file that you downloaded from your 3Play Media account and open it in a text editing program.

Step 2- Add text descriptors 

Add text descriptors to the top of the QT file (Make sure to add these descriptors before the first timecode in your QT file). Below is a list of text descriptors you can add to your QT file to modify the styling of your text and background. For a complete list of QuickTime text descriptors click here.

QT file keyedText on


   QT Pro Text Descriptor


{keyedText: on}

Displays closed captions or subtitles with a transparent background.
{dropShadow: on } Creates a drop shadow for the text.
{dropShadowOffset: 1, 1} Offsets the drop shadow 1 pixel to the right and 1 pixel down. {dropShadow:on} must be specified.
{dropShadowTransparency: 127} Specifies the transparency of the drop shadow. Value must be between 0 and 255.
{anti-alias: on} Display anti-aliased text.
{font: Arial} Specifies the name of the font.
{fontstyle: plain} Specifies the text style. Options are: plain, bold, italic, underline, outline, shadow, condense (decreased spacing between characters), extend (increased spacing between characters).
{justify: center} Specifies the text alignment. Options are: left, right, center, default.
{size: 18} Specifies font size.
{textColor: R , G , B} Sets the RGB text color. E.g. {textColor: 65535, 32000, 0} is orange.
{backColor: R , G , B } Sets the RGB background color.
{textBox: top , left , bottom, right} Specifies the dimensions and location of the box containing the closed captions or subtitles. For example, {textBox:0, 0, 45, 640} creates a box that is 45 pixels high by 640 pixels wide starting from the top left corner of the video window.

Step 3- Add the QT file to your video

Save changes to your QT file and add the captions to your video using QuickTime Pro. Feel free to refer to this article on how to add captions and subtitles with QuickTime Pro.

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