Warpwire: Ordering Captions from Your Warpwire Account


Step 1 - Log in to Warpwire Account

Navigate to your videos, and select the file needed for transcription.

 click on the Media options icon Three dot icon



Step 2 - Click Media Info Button

Click the Media Info Button or "Settings" to bring up the Media Info page.  Here captions can be ordered by clicking the Add button next to Captions.

Click the Video then click Media Info

Click the Add Button Next to Captions

You'll be presented with three option buttons:

  1. Upload Caption File
  2. Request Caption
  3. View Caption Requests

Next click, Request Caption. 

Step 3 - Create Caption Requests

 A note can be added to any caption request, which is viewable and approvable by the account administrator.  Click Create Request, to order captions.

Approve Caption Requests and Add a Note If Needed

All Caption Requests can be found in the top left corner, in a drop down menu.

Warpwire Caption Request Drop Down Menu

Step 4 - Approve Caption Requests

Click on a Caption Request to approve it.

View Warpwire Caption Requests


From this Closed Caption Request screen, the request can be approved or rejected.  A rejection note/reason can be added to any files rejected.  Also the turnaround profile can be changed, if a faster turnaround time is needed.

Languages can be selected from this screen, but it is recommended to select English, and if any translations are needed, this should be handled through your 3Play Media account.  Here is more information on Translations.

Approval Screen

Warpwire Approval Request Screen

Rejection Screen

Should a Closed Caption Request be rejected, a Reason can be added detailing the rejection.

Warpwire Rejection Screen, Add Comments

Once approved, the file will be sent to your 3Play Media account for transcription.

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