Access Player Features - beta

  1. Interactive Transcript

    1. In-Video Search - search the transcript and jump to video timing on search results

    2. Playback Speed Control - start/stop video playback and speed

    3. Expand/Hide Transcript - show or hide transcript on page

    4. Screen Reader Compatible - screen reader accessible transcript

    5. Mobile Responsive - responsive to popular mobile device screen size.

    6. Audio Description Support - Standard - control Audio Description playback

  2. Publishing Features

    1. Watermarked: “ACCESS Player by 3Play Media” - the free Access Player beta version includes a 'powered by 3Play Media' logo on published instances

    2. Access Player Builder - available from file details panel, the Access Player Builder supports creation and configuration of snippets support Access Player publishing of hosted videos and 3Play Media produced accessibility files. Contact your account manager to learn more.

      1. mceclip0.png
    3. Iframe and JS Embed Support - available from within Access Player Builder are Iframe and JS Embed creation:

      1. mceclip1.png
  3. Video Player Support and Implementation Strategies

      1. HTML5 Video or Audio with External CDN

      2. YouTube

      3. Brightcove

      4. Kaltura

Future Premium features - contact your account manager for more information

    1. Automated language detection
    2. Translation/subtitle support
    3. Watermark removal
    4. Audience engagement reporting/analytics
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