3Play Live Captioning with Webex

This article describes live captioning for live events on the Webex platform. 

Step 1 - Determine how 3Play will access your event

There are two ways for 3Play to access your event:

Option 1: RTMP Stream to 3Play

Stream (RTMP) your Webex event to 3Play for caption production (this method is preferred) 

    1. Supported services: both Live Auto Captions and Live Professional Captions are available.
    2. Requirements: your Webex account must have streaming enabled (following this support doc to verify) OR you must be able to send an RTMP stream of your event to 3Play through alternate means (such as capturing your event using an encoder like OBS). 
    3. Associated 3Play scheduling workflow: you will utilize 3Play's "Schedule Live Captions for an RTMP" workflow, available here: https://support.3playmedia.com/hc/en-us/articles/360048839533-Live-Captions-Schedule-Live-Captions-for-an-RTMP-Stream 

Option 2: Streamless

3Play professional captioners will join your Webex event to produce captions 

      1. Supported services: Live Professional Captions are available; Live Auto Captions are not supported without a stream. 
      2. Requirements: you must provide detailed audio access information when placing your order in 3Play to allow the captioner to join your event. 
      3. Associated 3Play scheduling workflow: you will utilize 3Play "Streamless" workflow, available here (please contact your 3Play account representative to have this workflow enabled in your account): https://support.3playmedia.com/hc/en-us/articles/4419452456343-Live-Professional-Captioning-without-a-stream-to-3Play-BETA 


Step 2 - Schedule your Live Captioning event in 3Play

Schedule your live captioning event in 3Play according to workflow you've chosen

Option 1: RTMP Stream to 3Play

If you are streaming your Webex event to 3Play, you will utilize 3Play's "Schedule Live Captions for an RTMP" workflow. Schedule the start time for when you'd like live captions delivered.

    1. To allow 3Play to receive your stream and create captions, you will stream to 3Play's caption service from your Webex meeting. As a default, 3Play will provide you with a stream target (transcoder). The RTMP URL address and Key to the stream target are provided on the confirmation page of this workflow; you'll enter this information into your Webex meeting when you are ready to start your stream.

Option 2: Streamless

Follow 3Play's Streamless workflow instructions here

      1. Please note that our captioner is dependent on the information you provide when ordering in order to access your event audio. Please ensure the audio access information you provide is clear and accurate, as our captioners will not be able to provide captions without the ability to join your event.
        1. If a password is required, ensure that is provided
        2. Event organizers must be made aware that a captioner will be joining to produce captions


Step 2.5 - Configure Webex to stream to 3Play (not applicable to Streamless workflow)

If you are using 3Play's streamless workflow (option #2 above), please skip directly to Step 3 of this document. 

Follow the steps below to enable a stream from your Webex event to 3Play. 

  • At the time of your event, the host or owner of the Webex event should start the event in Webex. Navigate to the "meatball" menu (see screenshot) at the bottom of the Webex screen, and select "Start Live Streaming."




  • From there, navigate to your Event Details page in 3Play and copy the RTMP URL and Key from that page, and paste it into Webex. 




  • Start your stream to 3Play from Webex at the Stream Start Time you indicated in 3Play when you placed your order.
    • NOTE: Do not attempt to stream to 3Play before the Stream Start time, as the stream connection will fail to connect from your encoder to 3Play, and your encoder will display an error message. Additional information on this is available here.







Step 3 - Add captions to your Webex event.

To allow 3Play captions to display in Webex, first navigate to the Event Details page in 3Play, and copy the External Webpage URL from 3Play. 



Next, navigate to Webex, from your meeting, and select “Share Multimedia…” from the share menu.


Paste the External Webpage URL that you copied from 3Play into the pop up within Webex.



A display of the closed captioning transcript will appear in the bottom-right corner of your meeting for all participants to view. 



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