Canvas: Integration Setup

Follow the steps below to set up the integration between 3Play Media and Canvas.
Please note that only Canvas instructors/admins will be able to complete the integration setup.

Step 1- Sign into 3Play Media

Sign into 3Play Media.

3Play Media logo for Panopto closed captions integration

Step 2- Navigate to +New Linked Account

After signing into 3Play Media click Upload Media.

Upload Media button

Next click the Linked Account tab followed by +New Linked Account.

New linked account for Panopto integration

Step 3- Select Canvas

Select Canvas from the list of video platforms and lecture capture systems.

Step 4- Nickname Account and Retrieve Credentials

Once Canvas is selected input a Nickname and click Create Account.


The API KEY, Secret API Key, and a Configuration URL will display below the Nickname field once Create Account is clicked.

Keep this page with the API keys open and open a new tab in your web browser!

 Step 5- Sign into Canvas

Step 6- Select Course

Select a Course from the Canvas Dashboard or create a new Course and then select it.

Step 7- Navigate to + App

Click Settings on the left-hand side of the page.


Click the Apps tab from the Course's Settings page.

Step 8- Add Credentials

Click View App Configurations followed by + App.
When the Add App menu appears select By URL from the Configuration Type drop down menu.


Add a Name for the integration.
Enter the credentials that were retrieved in step 4.
Enter the API Key in the Consumer Key field.
Enter the
API Secret Key in the Shared Secret field. 

Next add the Configuration URL to the Config URL field and then click Submit.

Once clicked a message will display that, "The app was added" and the name given to app will display now under the External Apps section.







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