DigitalChalk: Integration Setup

Step 1 - Log in to 3Play Media

Open a new browser window and log into your 3Play Media account.

3Play Media Captioning Transcription translation services account login


Step 2 - Click on Settings

Navigate to Settings in top right corner.

Click Settings 

Step 3 - Create or Manage an New API Collection

From this page you will be able to manage your API collections
You can create an API collection to include all files within all folders or create an API collection for files from specified folder from this page.

Click API Management located on the left-hand side of the page.  Click, and Create API Collection.

Click on API Management

Note your credentials, as you will need them later to link to 3Play Media.

New API Details

Remember to never share your Secret API Key!

Step 4 - Log in to DigitalChalk Account

Log into your DigitalChalk account and click Manage Courses.  

Manage Courses


Next click Create New Course

Create New Course


Click Manage Course Elements.

Manage Course Elements

Step 5 - Add Chalkboard

 Click Add a Chalkboard on the left side of the screen.  

Add Chalkboard

 Add a title and description if needed, then click Save.  Next click Edit Chalkboard.

Edit Chalkboard

Step 6 - Link to 3Play Media Account

If there is no media in your DigitalChalk account, click HERE to learn how to add media. Once a video has been uploaded, and encoded, captions are ready to order.  Click the Setup button. 

Order Captions

Enter the API Collection information noted in Step 2

Copy and paste the API Key and Secret Key into the fields on your DigitalChalk account, and click Save.

Add API Keys

Submit caption requests from your linked DigitalChalk account

For more information, click HERE to view DigitalChalk's video tutorial.

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