Tegrity: Manually Add Captions to a Recording

Follow the steps below to download captions from your 3Play Media account and add it to your Tegrity recording.

Step 1- Download Captions

Download the QT (Custom) format configured for Tegrity from your 3Play account.
If this custom output format is not available in your 3Play Media project please contact your 3Play Media account representative or 3Play Media support to have it added.

See more information on downloading a file from your 3Play Media project.

Step 2- Select your recording

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From your Tegrity account, locate the file associated with the QT file you downloaded in Step 1.
Click the checkbox next to this recording.

Step 3- Navigate to Edit Recording

Click the Recording Task button and select Edit Recording.

Step 4- Add the QT Caption file

Click Add Closed Captioning and select the QT file you downloaded to your computer in step 1.

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