MediaSpace Module: Request Captions

Once media has been uploaded follow the steps below to request captions within MediaSpace.

IMPORTANT note regarding the Module Configuration: autoApprove

 Before requesting captions it is a best practice to know if your MediaSpace Module autoApprove configurations are or are not enabled.

When a user clicks Request Captions for a video (see step 6 below), what happens next depends on how the MediaSpace Module Configuration Options were set up….

If autoApprove is enabled for the module, the caption order will be immediately sent to 3Play for processing and no further actions are required.

If autoApprove is not enabled for the module, the caption order will move to a pending state and then must be approved by a user role with approval access enabled to complete the request process.

Step 1- Click My Media

Click on My Media.

MediaSpace My Media

Step 2- Select Media

Click on the video you want captioned.

Step 3- Click Edit

After selecting the video, click Actions located at the bottom righthand corner of the video and from the drop down menu that appears click Edit.

MediaSpace Actions Edit Video

Step 4- Select 3Play

On the Edit page, click the 3Play tab to view an order form where captioning services can be requested.

3Play button for caption requests in MediaSpace

Note: If captions have already been requested for this video, the status of that request will replace the order form.

Step 5- Select Turnaround Service Level

Select a turnaround service level from one of the three options:

Standard- 4 business days
Expedited- 2 business days
Rush- 1 business day

Step 6- Click Request Captions

Once a turnaround service level has been selected click Request Captions.



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