Accidental Duplicate Uploads

The 3Play Media system has some mechanisms that prevent users from getting billed twice for accidental duplicate uploads, though not every instance is automatically detected. If 3Play Media detects a duplicate upload in an account, the user will be notified by email and the duplicate will be automatically rejected.

Duplicate files will automatically be rejected only if the file name and file duration are exactly the same and still in your account.  If you have duplicate files with different names, the file will not caught be by our system and will be processed.

The one exception to this is if you upload a file twice using the FTP upload method. Duplicate files uploaded using the FTP method will not be rejected and the duplicate will be processed with _1  added to the file name. For example, a file uploaded twice using the FTP upload method called will become

If you realize you made this mistake, you can cancel the job before the file state moves from Pending to In Progress.

See more information about canceling a file.

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