Manual Postback

The Manual Postback feature is for associating caption files with assets hosted on a 3rd party platform that is linked to your 3Play Media account. This feature can be useful for users with linked accounts that do not have postback captions enabled as it gives users the ability to send captions back to the hosting platform on a file by file basis, as opposed to having all captions sent back to the hosting platform immediately upon completion of the transcription process.

Furthermore, Caption Import Service subscribers can import pre-existing captions and/or subtitles to their account, associate the 3Play file with the host platform by using the Connect to Linked Account feature, and then use the Manual Postback feature to associate the captions with the asset on the 3rd party platform.

Before getting started...

For the Manual Postback feature to work the user must have a linked account with a 3rd party video hosting AND the 3Play Media file first must be connected to the linked account.

Once this is done follow the steps below to manually postback the captions to the hosting platform.  

Step 1- Select the File

Locate and select the 3Play Media file you would like to send to a 3rd party video-hosting platform.  Click File Name

Step 2- Postback to hosting platform

Click the Publish button located above the transcript preview window, and from the drop down menu that appears, click Postback to {3rd Party Hosting Platform's name here}.

Postback to Video Hosting Platform


 After clicking Postback, your captions will have posted to your 3rd party video-hosting platform. 

Postback to Video Hosting Platform Confirmation Success  

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