Live Captioning with Evertz Caption Conductor - Linking your Caption Conductor Account to 3Play (BETA)

Please contact your account manager if you would like to utilize the 3Play integration with Evertz Caption Conductor. Follow the steps below to link your Evertz Caption Conductor account to a 3Play Media project for live captioning of any video utilizing your Evertz Caption Conductor infrastructure. 


Step 1 - Log in and Retrieve Information from your Evertz Caption Conductor Access Server

In order to link your Evertz Caption Conductor account to your 3Play account, you will need to retrieve 2 pieces of information from your Evertz Caption Conductor Facility Server:

  1. Your Caption Conductor Access Server URL - this allows 3Play to know the location of your account. Contact your Evertz account manager if you need this information. 
  2. Evertz Caption Conductor "API Keys" - Evertz API keys will be generated within Evertz, and then entered into 3Play. These will give 3Play the permission to post captions back to your encoder for a given event.
    1. Regarding the number of API keys you will need to generate: create as many keys as caption encoders you expect to manage through CC plus one additional key. For example, if you have 5 encoders, you should generate 6 API keys.


Navigate to your Evertz Access Server URL in a web browser. To generate and retrieve your API Keys, in the bottom right corner of your Caption Conductor Access Server, select Settings:




It will bring you to this page: Settings_general




From there, navigate to the API tab, and under EV | PT section, enable API by selecting the switch.



Then select API-Key in query Parameter then select Apply underneath:




From there they can move to the Actor/Keys Page:



And create new users by selecting New Actor on the right side: Which shows to following pop up window:


Step 2 - Log in to 3Play Media

Open a browser window and log into 3Play Media.

3Play Media Captioning Transcription translation services account login


Step 3 - Navigate to Linked Accounts

Click Linked Accounts located on the My Files page. Then click Link a New Account.




Step 4 - Select Evertz 



Step 5 - Add Server URL and API Keys to your Evertz Linked Account

Paste the Server URL and API keys that you retrieved from your Evertz facility server into 3Play.

Please ensure your API Keys are all separated by a hard return!

Once these fields are pasted into 3Play, select Create Account.




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