3Play Plugin: JavaScript Embed Method

3Play Media offers two embed methods for publishing plugins; iFrame and JavaScript.  While 3Play Media highly encourages users to implement plugins using iFrame embed codes the JavaScript embed code is also available as an option.

The focus of this article is to detail the process for additional steps required when embedding an plugin using the JavaScript embed method...

Step 1- Click Publish

Locate the file from My Files and click into the file. From the file-show page, click Publish, then Publish Plugin.

Publish button

Step 2- Switch to Custom JavaScript Embed Method

Within the Video Settings section, click the Embed Method drop-down menu and select Custom (JavaScript).

Embed Method drop-down options iFrame and JavaScript


Step 3- Style Settings

The Style Settings section offers the ability to can change the dimensions of the plugins.
The dimensions default to 500px Width and 500px Height.
Adjust the dimensions of the plugin and define new sizing either in px or %.

Select either Dark or Light from the Plugin Skin drop-down menu.

Style Settings section

Step 4- Plugin Features

Select which plugin features that you want included in the plugin. Choose to include an Interactive Transcript, Audio Description, Captions Plugin, and SEO Embed.

Note that if an Audio Description order is not associated with the file you are publishing a plugin for, it can still be included in the code for the plugin template however it will not actually show in the plugin. If Audio Description is every ordered later for a specific file, once completed the plugin will automatically update to display the Audio Description features.

Once specific features are selected enable any available parameters to be included in the plugin.


Step 5- Copy JavaScript Embed Code and Paste in HTML

Once all settings have been selected copy the JavaScript embed code and paste it below your video embed code within an HTML page.

Step 6- Add Video Target to Video Embed Code

Copy the Video Target from the plugin template and add it to the video embed code.

Note that additional steps may need to be made depending on the video platform being used to host the video. 

Click here to view the required modifications to the hosting platform's video embed code when publishing a JavaScript-based plugin 

Step 7- Publish HTML

Once the Plugin embed and Video Target have been added to the HTML page containing your video embed code and any additional required edits to the video embed have been made, publish the plugin to a webpage.



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