thePlatform: Integration Setup

 When setting up this integration, it is best practice to create a 3Play-specific mpx Editor User Profile within thePlatform. These credentials will be used to access videos residing on thePlatform so that 3Play Media can then ingest content for creating captions.


To finalize the integration setup process, it is required to share credentials obtained in step 8 with a representative at thePlatform.


Once the integration is completely set up, the process for requesting closed captions will vary from account to account from within the mpx. Please consult with thePlatform for how to submit requests for closed captions to 3Play Media.

Follow the steps below to set up the integration between 3Play Media and thePlatform.


Customers in Europe and the UK may need to pay a professional services fee by thePlatform to have a custom ingest adapter built for the purposes of this integration.

Step 1- Navigate to Users

Once signed into thePlatform locate Account Setup on the left-hand side of the page.
Click Account Setup > Users.

thePlatform add new user

Step 2- Click Add

Once the list of existing users appears click Add located below the user list. 

Step 3- Enter User Information

Fill in the information within the Basic Settings window.

>Under User Directory be sure this is configured to mpx Users (mpx/)
>Fill in the Username
>Set a Password 
>Under Role select Editor 
>Filling out the Full name field is optional

thePlatform New User Setup

Click Save once the required fields have been filled out.

PRO TIP: Filling out the Email address field is not required, however, we do recommend giving the email of a real person within the company in case the password for the 3Play Media account is forgotten. 

Step 4- Note New User's Credentials

Take note of the Username and Password.

You will also need to take note of the Account Number, which can be found by clicking on your username located at the upper right corner of the page and then selecting About from the dropdown.


The Account Number is the 10-digit number found at the end of the url.


Step 5 - Note the account's player and account public ids

Locate the Players field on the left-side menu and click on All Players


From the player list, select you want to use and on the right hand side, open the Basic Settings


The public ID is the player public id (Player PID) and the section of the URL highlighted (ywBB87B in the screenshot) is the account public ID (Account PID)

Step 6 - Set thePlatform player's PDK version

On the same page, on the right side find the Advanced Settings menu and set the PDK version by clicking on the button on the right, and selecting the Current (PDK6)


Step 7- Navigate to +New Linked Account

After logging into 3Play Media click Linked Accounts located towards the top of the My Files page. 
Select New Linked account to link thePlatform to 3Play Media for closed captioning integration

Step 8- Select thePlatform

From list menu of video platforms and lecture capture systems select thePlatform.

Select thePlatform from 3Play Media integration menu

Step 9- Create linked account

Fill out the fields with the information of the newly created thePlatform user that was created in step 1-5.

Turn Postback Captions to On to have captions, upon completion of the transcription process, automatically sent to and associated with the MediaFiles residing on thePlatform. While translation requests can only be made directly from the user's 3Play Media account, upon completion of the translation process, the subtitles also will automatically postback to the mpx even though the translations were not requested from the mpx.

Additionally, from the Favorite Output Format dropdown, select from the following caption formats: SMPTE-TT, SCC, and Web VTT to post back to thePlatform.


Once you have entered the required information, click Create Account.


Step 10- Custom Ingest Adapter Provided by thePlatform

Please contact a representative at thePlatform to enable your account to integrate with 3Play Media using a FTP Manifest workflow.

Ask thePlatform representative to set up a "custom ingest adapter for 3Play Media" using the credentials located on the right-hand side of the integration's Settings page within 3Play Media. 

Custom Ingest Adapter credentials for FTP manifest workflow

Once the integration is setup and working, you can start your orders for 3Play Media services by clicking the Publish button. The specifics of how to proceed with orders will then vary, depending on your particular setup. Please consult your thePlatform Account Manager for details.

About custom workflows.

3Play Media offers support for custom workflows, server IDs and file naming conventions with thePlatform.  If this is required, contact your 3Play Media Account Manager.

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