Playlist Search: Overview

The Playlist Search Module provides searchable playlists for YouTube, thePlatform, Brightcove VideoCloud, Wistia, Vimeo and Kaltura linked accounts. The embed code for the Playlist Search Module will include your video player, interactive transcript and searchable playlist. Once the Playlist Search Module is live on your webpage and more closed captioning requests are made via a supported integration, upon completion of the transcription process the videos and transcripts will then be added automatically to the module. Please note though that these videos and transcripts will then be viewable to anyone with access to the Playlist Search Module's webpage


- In order to use the Playlist Search Module, you must have a linked Brightcove, Youtube, thePlatform, Vimeo, Wistia or Kaltura Account.

- One video must have been submitted for transcription / closed captioning via Brightcove, Youtube, Kaltura integration (with postback captions enabled) transcribed in your linked account to access an embed code for the playlist.

- Content Publishing must be enabled

Click to learn how to enable Content Publishing

Settings and Playlist Search

Viewers must use one of the following web browsers: Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Internet Explorer 11+.
Javascript must be enabled in one of these web browsers in order to get the full user experience.

Playlist search is available at the project level.


Playlist search is charged per project. Even if you have more than one linked account setup for a given project, you are charged once per project.

Government or Education Pricing: $250 per month
Non-Government / Non-Education Pricing: $500 per month

We are currently running a promotion to try the Playlist Search Module free for one month. Activate the module now and take it for a spin!

Step 1 - Activate Playlist Search

To activate Playlist Search, click on Settings in the top right corner of your account, scroll down and click Playlist Search in the left pane.

Activate the 3Play Media Playlist Transcript Search module

Step 2 - Click Activate

Once on the Playlist Search page, click Activate Playlist Search.

Activate transcript archive search module

Step 3 - Configure the Playlist Search Module

If you have linked accounts configured, and captions were posted back from 3Play to videos in your linked account, they will show in a list. If you have different kinds of linked accounts (Brightcove, Youtube, Kaltura, etc), where at least one video had captions posted back from 3Play, each and every type will show in the list. 


You may change the skin of the webpage by clicking on the Skin dropdown menu. There are two choices, simple light and simple dark.

Changing Default Video

You may change the first video that viewers will see after the playlist loads. To do this, replace the video ID within the iframe embed code with the video ID associated with the content you want to display first.

Select video platform for archive searchable transcripts module

Step 4 - Preview Playlist Search

You are able to preview any video on your list to see how it would look on the actual webpage by clicking the Preview button. You can also choose between two different format styles, light and dark.

preview archive search module

Step 5 - Copy the embed code

Highlight the embed code in the above screenshot and copy it to your clipboard.

Step 6- Publish the webpage

Paste the code into an HTML page and publish it.

If you do not see an image thumbnail next to any of your videos, please contact and one can be added for you.

publish transcript archive search module

Once Playlist Search is activated, you will have 48 Hours to deactivate the service if you feel you no longer require it. To deactivate Playlist Search, click Deactivate Playlist Search at the bottom of the page,

deactivate archive search module




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