Mediasite: Manually Upload Captions

Follow the steps below to download a closed captions file from your 3Play Media project and manually add them to MediaSite.

If you need to download multiple file, see more information regarding batch downloads.

PRO TIP: Configure the SRT, DFXP, or SMI as one of your favorite formats before beginning.

Step 1- Select the File

Locate the file from the My Files that corresponds to your MediaSite lecture.
Click the file's name to open the file level actions menu.

Select a File

Step 2- Click Quick Download icon

Quick Download favorite closed captions and transcript formats

Step 3- Download SRT, DFXP, or SMI

From the drop down menu that appears click a previously saved favorite format- either SRTDFXP, or SMI will work.
Once the format is selected it will immediately download to your computer.

Download SRT closed captions

If your project does not have any favorite formats configured, click +Add favorite formats

Add Closed captions and transcript format favorites

See more information on Favorite Formats.

Step 6- Log into MediaSite

Step 7- Navigate to the Presentation

Navigate to the presentation you want to add captions to.
On the presentation's summary page, if automated captioning is disabled, click Disabled under Captioning.

Step 8- Select the box next to Presentation Captioning Enabled

In the Captioning Configuration dialog box, select the Presentation Captioning Enabled check box.
Select the Manual Upload button.

Step 9- Upload the Captions

Click Select to locate the captions you downloaded in step 5
Select the captions file and click Upload.



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