Mediasite 5.5: Set Up a Captioning Project

Step 1- Log into your Mediasite account


Step 2- Navigate to Add Captioning Project

Navigate to Presentations > Captioning > Add Captioning Project.


Step 3- Specify the project details

Specify the settings below:

Project Name: Enter a name for the project.

Project Type: Select whether to manually caption individual presentations or automatically caption an entire folder of presentations.

If you choose to automatically caption an entire folder, the Update Interval specifies how often to check for new presentations in the folder. The check box for Include offline presentations in the selected folder specifies whether to include presentations that are not available for on-demand viewing.

Rush captioning for presentations in this project: Select this check box for 1 business day processing. Normal processing is 4 business days. To learn more about turnaround times, click here.

Provider Profile: Select 3Play Media. If 3Play Media does not show up, check the steps in this article to ensure you have properly linked your accounts.


Step 4- Select when to begin the captioning process

Click Project Startup and select when to begin the captioning process:

Start the project immediately upon creation: This option starts the captioning process immediately after clicking the Save button.

Do not start the project (manual start): This option requires that you click the Start Project button to begin the captioning process.

Start the project on: This option allows you to specify the captioning process start date and time.

Mediasite captioning process start date time


Step 5- Select individual presentations or a folder of presentations

Navigate to and select individual presentations or a folder of presentations. Optionally, you can update the default view settings to see hidden presentations:

Hide offline presentations: Clear this check box to see offline presentations in the selected folder.

Hide presentations with captions: Clear this check box to see presentations in the selected folder that have already been captioned.

Mediasite hide offline presentations hide presentations with captions


Step 6- Click Save

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