Evertz Caption Conductor - Scheduling Live Captions (BETA)

This article outlines how to schedule live captions for your event on Evertz Caption Conductor.


Step 1 - Configure your Evertz Encoder within your Evertz Caption Conductor Facility Server

In order for 3Play to be able to deliver captions to your Evertz Job (aka encoder), the "Send Type" on the Job must be configured RTMP. To do this, log into your Evertz Facility Server Instance, navigate to the CC Encoder Setup, and select the Job for which you'd like 3Play Live Captions.

Under the "Send Type" Menu, select "Both". 



Once "Send Type" is configured to "Both", an RTMP URL will be generated, called "RTMP Server URL". You do not need to edit this field, but if desired you can customize the "key" at the end of the URL. For example, the default URL will be rtmp://<ip_addr/webURL>:1935/live/MyKey where MyKey can be set to whatever is desired.




Step 2 - Navigate to 3Play Live Captioning 

Log into your 3Play account, navigate to the Live Captioning section, and select "Schedule Captions."

From here, select Evertz. If you do not see Evertz as an option, please ensure you have already linked your Evertz account to 3Play, support documentation is available here.




Step 3 - Select the Evertz Job on which you'd like Live Captions delivered

3Play will display all Evertz Jobs associated with your Caption Conductor account. In this interface, select the Evertz Job on which your live event will be run.

Once you've selected the Evertz Job, select service type (Automatic or Professional Captions), the audience facing Event Start Time and the Stream Start Time (the time at which 3Play will initiate a service to listen for your stream).

Once these fields are filled out, select "Next" at the bottom of the screen. 




Step 4 - Complete your Live Captioning Order 

If you have selected Live Professional Captioning as your Service Type, please follow the instructions in this support document to complete your live captioning order.

If you have selected Live Auto Captioning as your Service Type, please follow the instructions in this support document to complete your live captioning order. 


Once the fields on the second page of the ordering workflow are completed, select "Schedule Captions," and you will be taken to a confirmation page indicating your event has been successfully scheduled. 



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