Live Captioning Delivery to the Hopin Platform (Beta)

Hopin offers 3Play Live captions for live Hopin-supported events. This document provides a step-by-step guide to enabling 3Play Live Captions in the Hopin platform. 

Below is a screenshot illustrating how 3Play captions are displayed within the Hopin platform:




This workflow requires that 3Play receives a second stream of your event from your encoder or video source; essentially you'll need to simulcast from your encoder to the Hopin Mainstage and to 3Play. The Hopin backstage powered by Streamyard does not support a second stream and cannot be used to simulcast to 3Play.  A separate encoder or streaming service must be used in order to simulcast to both 3Play and Hopin. The standalone Streamyard offering does support a second stream, as do many other encoders or streaming services such as

Alternately you may use 3Play's new Streamless workflow with Hopin, in which our professional captioner accesses your event audio by joining your Hopin event. Additional information on this workflow can be found here:


Please note:

If you are not using the Streamless workflow mentioned above, support for 3Play captioning delivery within Hopin is currently only supported for the 'Hopin Mainstage' and is not yet supported for Hopin Sessions. Please contact your Hopin support team regarding support for captions for additional Hopin features. 


Step 1 - Schedule your event in 3Play

Follow the steps in the support doc to schedule the time at which you'd like captions delivered using 3Play's "Schedule Live Captions for an RTMP" workflow, linked here

To allow 3Play to receive your stream and create captions, you will stream to 3Play's caption service from your encoder. As a default, 3Play will provide you with a stream target (transcoder). The RTMP URL address and Key to the stream target are provided on the confirmation page of this workflow; you'll enter this information into your encoder stream settings in preparation for the event.

If you prefer to use your own transcoder, please check the box “Override 3Play-provided RTMP stream target (transcoder)” and enter your own RTMP URL and key information in the fields provided.


If you are using 3Play's Streamless workflow, please follow ignore Step 1 of this document, and follow the instructions outlined here: 


Step 2 - Copy the 3Play 'External Webpage with captions' URL and find the Public ID and Stream start ID

Navigate to the Event Details page within 3Play, and on the right hand side of the page, copy the "External Webpage with captions" URL and paste it into a text editor. You will need to find the Public_ID and the Stream_startID within the URL, these fields are in bold in the example below. These two fields will be entered into the Hopin platform.[Public_ID]&stream_start=[Stream_startID]&caption_polling_latency=0&show_complete_transcript=true&container_height=0&use_uppercase=0 




Step 3 - Enable the 3Play Integration within Hopin and Enter the 3Play caption delivery information (Public ID and Stream Start ID) into Hopin

Navigate to the Integration Section from your Hopin homepage, and find the 3Play media application. 




From there, select "Install Application"








Once the 3Play Application has been installed in Hopin, navigate to the Stages section of your event Setup within the Hopin platform:




From there, select 'Edit' for the stage on which you'd like 3Play captions delivered:






Scroll down to the Integration section of the page and paste the Public ID and Stream Start ID from 3Play into appropriate fields within Hopin. The "Tab Name" field controls the title of the section on the Hopin Mainstage, we recommend selecting a title that indicates the section includes captions. Please ensure you select the "Enable" check box, this ensures that the side panel will appear to your audience. 






Step 4 - Start streaming to 3Play and Hopin at the Stream Start Time

The specified Stream Start time in 3Play represents the time at which 3Play will initiate a service to listen for your stream. Do not attempt to stream to 3Play before the Stream Start time, as the stream connection will fail to connect from your encoder to 3Play and your encoder will display an error message.

If you are using the Streamless workflow, you will not need to send a stream to 3Play. 

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