Live Captioning: Supported Platforms

Platform: this is the live player, streaming service or conferencing platform.

Can 3Play deliver captions?

  • Yes - 3Play can deliver captions for events in this platform
  • Yes* - documentation indicates platform support for RTMP workflow, untested by 3Play Media.
  • No - confirmed this platform is not currently compatible with 3Play Live captions
  • Pending -  further research is required. Contact your account manager for more information.

Video Source: some platforms stream and/or receive streams, encoders may be required 

3Play Live Caption Delivery:

  • Caption Embed or Second Screen
  • Via 608 encoding
  • Delivery to video player API via integration
Platform Can 3Play Deliver Captions?

Video Source 

(Input to 3Play)

Supported Captioning Delivery Method
Caption Embed or Second Screen Native Captions API
Bizzabo Yes Encoder Yes N/A
Blackboard No N/A No N/A
Brightcove Yes Encoder Yes N/A
Canvas Pending Encoder N/A N/A
Cvent Yes Encoder Yes N/A
Dacast Yes* Encoder N/A N/A
Echo360 No N/A No N/A
Facebook Yes Yes N/A
Globalmeet Yes Encoder Yes N/A
Google Meet Yes* Yes N/A
GoToMeeting No Encoder No N/A
GoToWebinar Yes* GoToWebinar N/A N/A
Granicus Pending N/A N/A N/A
Hopin Yes Yes N/A
JW Player Pending Encoder N/A N/A
Kaltura Yes Encoder Yes N/A
MediaLive Yes Encoder Yes N/A
Mediasite Yes* Encoder N/A N/A
Microsoft Teams Yes* Teams N/A N/A
Mux Yes Encoder Yes N/A
On24 No No No No
Panopto Yes Encoder Yes N/A Yes Encoder Yes N/A Yes Yes N/A
Streamyard Yes Streamyard Yes N/A
Streamyard + Live Player No Encoder No N/A
Twitch Yes Encoder Yes N/A
UScreen Pending Encoder N/A N/A
Vimeo Yes Encoder Yes N/A
Vimeo Livestream Yes Encoder Yes N/A
WebEx Yes WebEx Yes N/A
Youtube Yes Encoder Yes Yes
Zoom Yes Zoom Yes Yes
Zoom + Live Player Yes Zoom Yes No



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