Brightcove Live Auto Captioning: Start Live Event with captions delivered in the Brightcove player - BETA

Step 1 - Copy the Stream URL & Stream Key from 3Play

On the Confirmation page or the File Details page, copy the Stream URL and Stream Key.

IMAGE -highlited_confirmation_page

Step 2- Launch Broadcast Program (encoder)

 Launch your preferred webcasting program. In this example, we'll use OBS (Open Broadcaster Software).

IMAGE - launchOBS

Step 3- Paste the Stream URL and Stream Key from 3Play into Broadcast Program

In OBS, click Preferences > Stream.

For Service select Custom.
Paste the Stream URL in the Server field.
Paste the Stream Key in the Stream Key field.


Exit out of the Settings page in OBS and Save Changes.

Step 4- Add an Audio/Video Source to Broadcast Program

Make sure to add an audio/video source to the Broadcast Program. This should be the media source that you anticipate live streaming to your audience.

Note: Ensure all unnecessary audio sources (eg, Desktop Audio or Mic/Aux) are muted in your encoder to prevent overlapping audio in your stream.

IMAGE- add_video_source.png

Step 5- Start Streaming

Once the sources have been set in OBS, and your event start time has approached, click Start Streaming.

IMAGE- startStreamingEvent

Live auto captions should then start displaying directly in the Brightcove Live video player.

Note: In order to stop the stream, you need to stop from your encoder, or from 3Play.  Canceling the event in Brightcove will still incur charges on your 3Play account.


Streaming recommendations: we currently have limitations on event length, related to streams with higher bitrates. Please see the below chart of event length maximum recommendations at different bitrate ranges:

<1mbps - 600+ minutes
1-2mbps - 330 minutes
2-3mbps - 220 minutes
3-4mbps - 160 minutes
4-5mbps - 135 minutes
5-6mbps - 110 minutes

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