Cvent: Schedule Live Captions

This article explains how to schedule 3Play auto-captioning for Cvent Live streams.

In order to set up 3Play auto-captioning for your Cvent Live streams, a Cvent account needs to be linked to a 3Play Media project. Follow the directions in this article to link 3Play Media and Cvent accounts.


The 3Play Media Live auto-captioning module will also need to be turned on. Please contact a 3Play Media account manager to have this module turned on.


Step 1- Schedule Cvent Live Event in 3Play Media

Sign in to 3Play Media and click Live Auto Captioning in the top navigation bar. 


Step 2- Within 3Play Media Click Schedule Live Captions 


Step 3 - Navigate to the linked Cvent account


If there is more than one Cvent account linked to your 3Play Media project, you might have to select between them.

Step 4 - Schedule live captions for a live stream. 


Select the live stream that requires captions. Select the time that the event is scheduled to start, and select the time that captions should begin. Note, the time for starting captions will be the earliest that the captions can actually begin. 


Step 5 - Confirm Event Details


Confirm the proper start time and event name of the live stream and captions. 




More Information about 3Play Live Auto Captions:

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