Cvent: Integration Setup

Follow the steps below to integrate your Cvent account to your 3Play Media account. 


In order to complete the process outlined in this article, you will need an active 3Play Media account set up by a 3Play account representative to be compatible with Cvent, as well as a Cvent account ID. To get your Cvent account ID, please contact Cvent support. To set up a 3Play Media account to be compatible with Cvent, please reach out to your 3Play Media sales representative.

Your 3Play Media contact will be able to set up the Cvent Integration in your 3Play Media account upon receipt of your Cvent account ID.

Congratulations! The Cvent - 3Play integration setup is complete.

Click here to learn how to order captions and other 3Play Media services for recorded videos in your Cvent account.

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