Facebook Live: Schedule Live Auto Captions for a Live Event

Follow the steps below to schedule live auto captions for a Facebook page's live event. First schedule the event within Facebook and then schedule live auto captions for the schedule live Facebook event.

Before Getting Started...

- Link a Facebook Page to a 3Play Media project
- Enable Live Captions within the Facebook integration's settings page
- Activate the Live Auto Captioning module within 3Play Media 

Step 1- Log in to Facebook

Facebook logo

Log in to Facebook and toggle to the Facebook page that was linked to 3Play Media

Step 2- Schedule Live Event

From the Facebook page....

  • Navigate to Create > Live from within the Facebook page that was linked to 3Play Media.

  • On the left-hand side of the screen click Schedule a Live Video and enter a date and time for the upcoming event.
  • Enter an event title and description. Please note that if you leave the event name blank that an event name will not display within 3Play Media.
  • Under Settings > Stream ensure that the option Embed live video is selected.

Once these steps are completed please click Schedule Live Video.  

Step 3- Log in to 3Play Media

Once the event has been scheduled within Facebook, log in to 3Play Media.

3Play Media login page

Step 4- Navigate to Live Auto Captions Module

Once signed in, click into the Live Auto Captioning module located at the top of the page.


Step 5- Within 3Play Media Click Schedule Live Captions 

Step 6- Select Facebook, and choose desired Facebook Live event

Check the box next to the live event that was scheduled within Facebook in steps 1-2.

Once Schedule Events has been clicked the page will redirect to the Live Auto Captioning module. 

Follow the steps in the next article to generate the embed code for the live auto captions and the Facebook Live player embed code


Next steps...

Configure Live Auto Captioning Settings 


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