Zoom: Schedule Live Auto Captioning for a Zoom Webinar

Follow the steps below to schedule Live Auto Captioning for a Zoom Webinar once it has been scheduled within Zoom and once Zoom has been linked to your 3Play Media project.

IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING SCHEDULING: In order to be able to schedule Live Auto Captions within 3Play Media you must be the Host of the Zoom Webinar!

Click here for more information on scheduling Zoom Webinars

Click here for instructions on linking Zoom to a 3Play Media project

Getting Started

Before you start the meeting navigate to Settings -> Meeting -> In Meeting (Advanced)


Turn on “Allow live streaming the meetings” and check “Custom Live Streaming Service

Step 1- Copy Zoom Webinar URL

Before the Zoom meeting starts, go into Zoom and click the CC button

Click "Copy the URL to your clipboard" button.

Step 2- Click Live Auto Captioning

Navigate to your 3Play Media account and click Live Auto Captioning.

Click Schedule Zoom Live Event button

Step 3- Schedule Webinar in 3Play

The webinar that was just scheduled in Zoom will display.
Check the box of the Zoom webinar that needs Live Auto Captioning and enter a start time and date and click Submit.

Step 4- Paste Zoom Webinar URL

Click on the pending Zoom webinar, and then click the Edit pencil icon in the top left corner.

Paste the Zoom URL in the section that says Caption Ingestion URL, and click Submit.

Step 5- Start the Webinar in Zoom

Step 6- Click More > Live on Custom Live Streaming Service

Step 7- Enter Live Stream Credentials When Prompted

You will be prompted for a Stream URL and Stream Key, which can be found on your Live Event Details page in your 3Play account.

For the Stream Key (underlined in red above), paste the final sequence of characters from the 3Play Stream URL — specifically, all characters following the final backslash "/".

For the Stream URL (underlined in blue above), paste the Stream URL up until the Stream Key (do not include the Stream Key characters when pasting the url).

The Live Streaming Page URL can be used if you wish, but has no impact on your captions.  Zoom does require you to enter a url here, but it can be any valid url at all.

Captions should now appear within 10-60 seconds.

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