YouTube Live Auto Captioning: Schedule Live Auto Captions in 3Play Media


Once the YouTube Live Event has been scheduled, follow the steps below to schedule Live Auto Captions for the YouTube Live Event within the 3Play Media account system.

Events are scheduled using EST unless the Time Zone Module has been activated a new timezone has been configured at the user level

Click to learn how to schedule a YouTube Live Event

Step 1- Schedule YouTube Live Event in 3Play Media

Go to the Live Auto Captioning module in 3Play Media.
Under Schedule New Event on the right-hand side of the YouTube: {Linked Account Nickname}.

Step 2- Set Live Event Start Time

A list of any upcoming YouTube Live Events that were scheduled will display.

Check the box next to the scheduled YouTube Live Event.
By default, the captioning event's start time that displays will be the same as the YouTube Live event's start time however this can be edited but please note the scheduled start time for the automatic captioning ultimately determines when the media content will display within YouTube.

Important Note: There will be some delay between the 3Play start time and the YouTube Live Event video starting up. 
Click Submit.

Note: If the event is scheduled greater than 5 minutes in the future, the event settings may be edited:

Live Auto Captioning: Edit 3Play Event Settings

Step 3- Click Live Auto Captioning Event in 3Play Media

After clicking Submit you will be redirected to the Live Auto Captioning page.
Click into the event that was just scheduled.
Note that the status should be Pending.

Keep this page open as the Stream URL and Stream Key from the Live Auto Captioning Details will be added to the encoder in the next article to stream content and the Live Auto Captions to a YouTube Live Player.

Next Steps...

Streaming the Live Event via OBS

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