Offset Start Time and Adjust SMPTE Frame Rate

The file level download screen provides configuration options for offsetting start time and adjusting the frame rate of SMPTE-based closed caption formats.

Note: These options are only available when downloading single files with no add-on services.

Step 1 - Navigate to the Download Screen

Click on a file and then click Download.

click on a file

Click Download Button

Step 2 - Adjust settings

From the Web Captions, SMPTE, or Transcript tab, click Additional Settings:
(the exact label will vary based on the current tab)

File Level Download Screen - Additional Settings

For web caption or transcript downloads, you will see an option to offset the start time of the first word:

Downloads - Additional Settings

For SMPTE caption downloads, you will also see an option to adjust the frame rate:

Downloads - Additional Settings







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