YouTube Live Auto Captioning: Overview

3Play Media offers a live automatic captioning solution for YouTube Live events. Captions display for the live streaming event and are embedded on a webpage along with a YouTube player.

The service uses automatic speech recognition (ASR) to create the captions . The quality of the captions will vary depending on audio quality, audio stream, and the duration of the delay that is set when the event is scheduled.

Please note that 3Play Media's Live Auto Captioning solution supports a DVR mode allowing viewers to skip back up to 3 minutes from the live stream while still retaining the sync between the captions and live streaming content when 3Play Media's JavaScript embed code is used.

Additionally, sync between the captions and the stream's audio can be adjusted by the viewer to achieve the best viewing experience possible.

Once the Live Auto Captions are available within the Live Auto Captioning module, the file can be upgraded and additional services can be ordered.


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