Brightcove Live Auto Captioning: Edit 3Play Event Settings

Once the Brightcove Live event has been created, the Live Event Settings listed below can be edited for the Live Auto Captions up until 5 minutes prior to the scheduled start time.

Follow these steps to edit the Live Auto Captioning Settings...

See below for more information regarding the different live auto captioning settings...


Event Start Time

The date and time when the event is intended to begin.

Target Maximum Delay

Drag the dial button to the right of the screen to increase the Target Maximum Delay and to the left of the screen to decrease the Target Maximum Delay in milliseconds. This sets a delay between the stream we receive and the captions we output. The more the delay, the more accurate the output.

Default Value: 5000ms

Please note: Do not delay the stream provided to us.

Filter Possibly Offensive Words

Select from the following options from the dropdown menu: None, Normal, High, or Strict to filter possibly offensive words. 

Default: Normal

Filter Possibly Offensive Words field
Please contact your Account Manager for more information about this setting.

Event Wait Time

The amount of time in minutes for our system to wait after the scheduled Event Start Time. If there is no audio detected by the end of the Event Wait Time, the 3Play Live Auto Captioning event will stop.

Default Value: 30 minutes

Event Max Time

Enter the duration in minutes of the live event to be live auto captioned. Note that the event will automatically conclude once the live streaming stops however this should be thought of as a safety-net, auto-off feature should the broadcasting software continue streaming.

Default Value: 480 minutes.

File Name

When an event is created the file name defaults to Live Stream at MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM:SS AM/PM however the file name can be changed. 

Default Naming Convention: Stream at MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM:SS AM/PM

Next Steps...

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