Brightcove Live Auto Captioning: Adjusting Sync

A delay between the 3Play Media Live Auto Captions and Brightcove Live video stream may be observed during the event. Typically when this has been observed, it is that the captions have displayed ahead of the video. The latency between captions and video may vary for each individual's viewing experience.

Increase Caption Latency
Click the Increase Caption Latency should the captions be ahead of the audio.

Decrease Caption Latency
Click the Decrease Caption Latency should the captions be behind the audio.

Note: This functionality will be available for viewers regardless of if the Brightcove Live player has DVR mode enabled.   


Recorded Example

The example below is a screen recording of a webpage with a Brightcove Live event with 3Play Media's Live Auto Captions. Notice how the caption "Wilderness is not a luxury" displays before it is spoken/heard.

Look in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen viewer clicks the Increase Caption Latency button and is able to adjust captions to better synchronize them to the live video stream.

During playback in the example below, do not hover your cursor over the video as the YouTube playhead blocks the buttons and live captions being demonstrated!





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