Available Output Formats: Captions and Transcripts

Please note that not all of these formats will appear by default within a 3Play Media Pro account. To have a format added to a Pro account, please contact your account manager or 3Play Media Support.

Transcript Formats

Keyword Cloud The keywords from the transcripts, with relative weightings assigned, in JSON format.
Plain Text A plain text version of your transcript.
Word Doc Text inside of a Word document.
Time-Stamped Doc A Word document that is timestamped at the beginning of every paragraph.
P3 Transcript This is the same format our 3Play interactive transcript loads.
HTML An HTML version of your transcript, suitable for embedding in Web pages.
JS Transcript A raw data word-to-word synchronized JSON format for development purposes. Same as the JSON format.
JSON Transcript A raw data word-to-word synchronized JSON format for development purposes. Same as the JS format.
PDF Text inside a PDF document.
SMPTE Stamped Doc Transcript with SMPTE timecode at paragraphs
HTML for Screen Reader HTML Transcript Format for Screen Readers


Web Caption Formats

DFXP A timed-text format commonly used for Flash video.
CPTXML A caption format that is compatible with Captionate.
QT Caption format used for QuickTime video or audio. It was developed by Apple.
RT RealText captions for RealMedia video or audio.
SRT One of the most common subtitle/caption format that is compatible with YouTube, Kaltura, and Flowplayer.
SMI Also known as SAMI, used for Windows Media Player and Silverlight.
SBV Caption format similar to SRT; compatible with YouTube.
WMP TXT Caption format for Windows Media files.
WEBVTT Format for HTML5 applications.
PPT XML XML caption format compatible with Microsoft Powerpoint.
QuickTime XML QuickTime XML Format
Facebook SRT SRT format with special naming convention for Facebook
Web VTT For Extended AD Web VTT caption format for extended Audio Description.


SMPTE-based Caption Formats

SCC Common format used for DVD authoring.
STL Used for adding subtitles to DVD Studio Pro.
ADBE Caption format developed by Adobe.
Avid DS Subtitles Subtitle format for Avid DS software.
iTunes SCC SCC format for iTunes at 29.97 fps
SMPTE-TT TTML Caption Format
STL-RTF STL for DVD Studio Pro (rtf extension)
Netflix SMPTE-TT SMPTE-TT for delivery to Netflix
Hulu SMPTE-TT SMPTE-TT for delivery to Hulu
Amazon SMPTE-TT SMPTE-TT Custom Format for Amazon
iTunes SMPTE Caption Format Special file format for iTunes


Advanced SMPTE-based Caption Formats

Cheetah ASC Cheetah International .asc file
Cheetah CAP Cheetah International .cap file
EBU STL EBU .stl file
MCC MCC Caption format by MacCaption
Caption Center Caption Center TDS format
Avid AAF Avid AAF caption format
MCC V2 MCC V2 Caption format by MacCaption
Avid AAF 708 Avid AAF format with 708 encoding
MCC 708 MCC format with 708 encoding
MCC V2 708 MCC V2 format with 708 encoding
IMSC 1 IMSC1 Text Profile Caption Format


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    Ahuva Freeman

    How are the weightings for the keywords determined?

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    David Zylber

    Great question, Ahuva.

    I think you will find this blog article of ours helpful.

    Our Chief of R&D says, "They are weighted according to relative 'importance' in the document. I would call the weighting algorithm ‘LM-boosted TextRank, with phrase-level combination’ if I was submitting {a response} to an NLP conference."

    I hope this is helpful!




    Director of Support

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