Upload Approval: Getting Started

3Play Media offers a service called Upload Approval, where an admin is in charge of approving or denying any files uploaded to the 3Play Media account.  Upload Approval is behind a module that must be activated in order to take advantage of this feature.  Follow the steps below to activate this module as well as adjust email notifications for the approver.

Upload Approval places all files uploaded to 3Play Media, regardless of upload method, on hold until an admin approver reviews them for processing. Once the module is activated any requests for transcription, translation, and audio description will be held for approval. 

Deadlines are not set based on the time the media file was uploaded. 
Deadlines will be adjusted based on the time at which the request was approved. 



The designated approvers within an account can approve or reject any upload request. By default email notifications for requests will be sent once per day but they can be adjusted to be sent more frequently, as frequent as once every hour.

The Approval History page lists all past requests, rejected and approved. The Approval History page also details the requester, which admin approved or denied the request and when this occurred.

Activating the Upload Approval Module

Step 1- Click Settings

Captioning Transcription Settings 3Play Media Account

Step 2- Click Upload Approval

Under Add-On Modules, click the Upload Approval button.


Step 3- Activate Upload Approval Module

Click Request Access to notify your account manager to have them enable the module. Once your account manger has enabled the module click Activate Module.

Email Notifications


Click HERE to learn more.


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