Other Language Transcription: Activating the Module

Follow the steps below to enable the Other Language Transcription service module. Once the module has been activated users then can upload source content for transcription and closed captioning services in the following languages:

 Arabic   Bosnian   Chinese (Simplified)  Chinese (Traditional)   Croatian   
Czech  Dutch  French(Canada)   French(France)    German   Hebrew    Hindi   Indonesian 
Italian   Japanese    Korean    Latvian    Polish    Portuguese (Brazilian)  
Portuguese (Portugal)   Romanian   Russian   Slovenian   Swedish  Thai   Turkish

Please note that this service is being completed with the assistance of a third party vendor.

 Step 1- Navigate to Other Language Transcription Add-On Module

Click Settings located in the upper, right-hand corner of the My Files page. Scroll down on the Settings page and click Other Language Transcription located under Add-On Modules on the left-hand side of the page.

Step 2- Request Access to Other Language Transcription

Click Request Access within the Other Language Transcription Add-On Module page.

Step 3- Activate Other Language Transcription

Once access to the module has been granted by your account manager, navigate back to the Other Language Transcription module and click Activate Module.

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