YouTube: Order Captions within 3Play (for Unlisted Videos)

Once the YouTube integration is set up, the Playlist Videos will default to displaying all videos uploaded to the YouTube channel that was linked, including Public, Unlisted, and Private. Public and Unlisted videos can be submitted for captioning over the YouTube integration. Private videos will display in the Playlist Videos feed, however they can't be submitted.

The following article explains how to change the videos displayed in the Playlist Videos thumbnail feed from the default feed to a specific YouTube Playlist that can be either Public or Unlisted.

Step 1- Navigate to YouTube Linked Account

Click Upload Media on the top, left-hand side of the page. Next click Linked Account and select  your linked YouTube channel.

YouTube Linked Account

Step 2- Navigate to YouTube Playlist 

Navigate to your YouTube playlist, it can be Unlisted or Public. Copy the Playlist ID in the URL that comes after the "&list=".

YouTube Playlist ID.

Step 3- Navigate to Search Playlist ID Field

Within your linked YouTube account click Settings. 

Settings button

In the Search Playlist ID field, paste in the Playlist ID obtained in Step 2 and click Update. 

Settings for linked YouTube account


Step 4- Select Playlist Videos from Dropdown

From the dropdown, select Playlist Videos to see all the Unlisted, Public, and Private videos.

Please note: Playlist Videos can only be searched by the YouTube Video ID and not by the Title of the video. Private Videos will be displayed in the Playlist Videos feed as grayed out but cannot be ordered for captioning. If you'd like a Private video captioned, you can switch the video to Unlisted on YouTube and once captions are finished, the privacy setting can be changed back if desired.

Playlist Videos dropdown

Step 5- Order Captions for Videos

After selecting Playlist Videos from the dropdown you now can submit caption requests from the specified playlist.

Click here for more information on requesting captions from a linked YouTube channel




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