Cisco WebEx: Convert a recording to .MP4

Cisco WebEx exports files in a proprietary video file format (.ARF), which is not supported by the 3Play Media System. Follow the steps below on how to convert a recorded WebEx meeting into a .MP4 file format. 

Cisco Webex for 3Play Media Transcription closed captions workflow

Note: Only the meeting host can download the file in WebEx. In addition, the options for downloading recording files are available only if a WebEx administrator has turned on the administration option for downloading recording files. The conversion of a Webex recording to Windows Media Format or Flash-format (ARF only) requires a Windows-based application. Webex recordings can be played back on a Mac, but they cannot be converted on a Mac.

Step 1 - Export .ARF file from WebEx

Go to My WebEx > My Files My Recordings.

Do one of the following (A or B):

  • A). Select the recording from the My Recordings page. From the recording, select More, and select Download.

Click the down arrow at the top right corner for more, and then select download, which is located beneath the 'more' button.

  • B). Select the recording topic name in the recording list. On the Recording Information page that appears, select the link in the Download recording link field.

The file will be saved in a .ARF (advanced recording file) file format, which is a WebEx specific video format. The file will be downloaded locally at the extension selected during the download process. 

Step 2 - Install the WebEx Network Recording Player

Sign in to WebEx and go to Meeting Center > Support Downloads.

Select Recorder and Players > Recording and Playback.

Under for .ARF select the Download link that corresponds with your operating system, and follow the install wizard.

The player can also be downloaded by following the directions here

Step 3 - Convert .ARF file to .MP4 

Open the .ARF file with the WebEx ARF Player program. The recording will being playing immediately. Click the Pause button to pause playback.

Go to the File menu, select Convert Format and then select .MP4.

The conversion dialog box will appear and allow an output filename to be specified. Select immediate conversion, and click OK to begin conversion. A dialog box will appear when the conversion is complete. 


Once the file conversion is complete, the .MP4 can be uploaded to the 3Play Media account system to begin the transcription and captioning process. 

See more information on uploading media files to 3Play Media


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  • 0
    David Goodrich

    I need to convert a Streaming ARF to a MP4.  We do not have the original download files.  Is there anyway to do this? 

  • 0
    David Zylber

    Hi David,

    I did some searching on a streaming arf file and unfortunately I couldn't find any articles pertaining to converting a streaming ARF file. With that said, it may be worth opening a support ticket with Webex to see if they can assist you with downloading the recording from the stream. I'm sorry I couldn't provide a more useful response here.



    David Zylber
    Director of Support

  • 0
    Gary Zeune

    David....Did WebEx d/l your arf for you so you could convert to mp4?

    If not, you could do a screen recording. Won't be great but at least you have it.

  • 0
    David Zylber



    That's a good suggestion and could be a viable workaround if you aren't able to convert the ARF file to MP4.


    -David Zylber

    Director of Support
    3Play Media

  • 0

    When my video still have file type .webex and not .arf, it still on saving period, right? but it take a long time to finish it, please help

  • 0
    suryakant Shetty

    If we still have the .webex file and it .mp4 file has 0 bytes, how can we conver the .webex file to .mp4? Please suggest.

  • 0

    Hi Team,

    I have created a cloud Web & API solution for ARF to MP4 conversion. No need to install Webex player. Cloud Web & API solution has a OS independent solution, and easy to use.

    Refer below link for more details:

    ARF To MP4

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