API v3: Overview

What is APIv3?

APIv3 is a brand new, more fully featured API that will allow users to order transcripts, audio description, manage users, manage invoices, and generally interact with their 3Play account, projects, and data. It is located separately from the current API (v1) so both will continue to function until we sunset the current API (no timeline on that yet).

We’re ready to release APIv3 to a select set of beta testers!

What happened to API v2?

For internal reasons, we’re calling the content publishing api APIv2. If you use it, that’s api/p. If you don’t, don’t worry about it.

Why should I beta test APIv3?

There are several benefits to being an APIv3 beta tester, but it does also involve allocating some development time to writing to the new endpoints. Here are some reasons that can be worthwhile:

    • Have a say: By being a beta tester, you ensure that we will be extremely responsive in the early stages of release that we structure the API around your use case and your needs. Once patterns begin to be widely released, they cannot be changed, so being a beta tester is a great way to help us build the patterns that you want to get out of a 3Play API.
    • Do more: APIv3 will let you do a lot more than APIv1. This includes better transcript management, full support for additional services such as audio description, caption placement, and caption encoding, and management of third-party video platform and cloud storage integrations. Also, using separate administrator keys, you can manage users and billing.


  • Build quicker: APIv3 is being built from the ground up to give consistent and developer-friendly responses. Responses are more logical, and descriptive. Errors are more detailed. Resources are better organized. We are also introducing the concept of “sandbox projects” that will allow you to test interacting with our API at any time without incurring any charges or affecting your main project or projects. Our goal is to increase your developers’ efficiency and delight in writing to our new APIv3 endpoints.
  • Be safer: APIv3 will allow you to  easily enable or disable api keys and manage user permission. It will support signature-based authentication, which uses a secret key that is never exposed in a web request. This optional authentication method is an additional layer of security that ensures that even people with access to your application and web requests traffic cannot spoof your authentication credentials.


What are the risks?

Since this is a beta release, you may encounter things that aren’t working as expected. Because the beta tester pool is so exclusive, we can be extremely responsive to any issues encountered, and we intend on being so so that we as quickly as possible bring APIv3 into general public release. Because of this, it is possible, though unlikely, that we will need to change the specific response of a given endpoint or the parameters required to access it. Doing so will be rare, and we will notify all beta testers before doing so, but for this reason we do not suggest deploying access to APIv3 in a production workflow processing hundreds of files per week. The ideal situation is to extract a handful of 3Play orders from your regular process and use the new APIv3 routes for these orders.


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