Aspera Integration: Technical Guide for Server Configuration

Setting up 3Play access to your Aspera server requires creating a 'Node API User' associated with a 'Transfer User'. The Transfer User must be carefully configured to provide certain functionality to the 3Play application.

(Note: You will need sudo access on a Linux server to perform these actions.)

1) There needs to exist a system user that will be the "transfer user" that will be linked to the "Node API User" that you create below. Some systems will already have an "aspera" user that can fill this role. You may want to create a different system user (e.g., with useradd).

2) Copy the contents of /opt/aspera/var/ to the transfer user's ~/.ssh/authorized_keys. Set the permissions on that file to 0600.

3) Modifiy the /opt/aspera/etc/aspera.conf file to:

a) Enable token authentication: (link to Aspera documentation)

b) Specify the docroot using file_system->access->paths->path property for the
transfer user: (link to Aspera documentation)
This is the location from which 3Play will search for media files to be uploaded.  You must set this same doc root in the 3Play Account system when setting up the integration.

c) 'encryption_key' property in aspera.conf must be > 20 characters

***After changing anything in the aspera.conf), user must restart asperanoded.

4) Create an Aspera Node API user associated with the transfer user
(with asnodeadmin):  (link to Aspera documentation)
This node user's credentials will be entered into the "Aspera Node User" username and password fields in the 3Play Account system when setting up the integration.

5) Optionally, you may need to set the https port for the Aspera server:
$ sudo asconfigurator -x "set_server_data;https_port,443"

6) Once these steps are completed, you may need to restart some services:
$ sudo /etc/init.d/sshd restart
$ sudo /etc/init.d/httpd restart
$ sudo service asperanoded restart

Note: These instructions are for a Linux Aspera server. Similar, though not identical, steps will be available on a Windows Aspera server.

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