Aspera Integration: Overview

Getting Started...

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Enable the Aspera Integration Module

- The Aspera Integration is an add-on module and is not available within your 3Play Media project by default. Please contact your 3Play Media account manager or 3Play Media Support to have the Aspera Integration Add-On Module enabled. 

Implementation Documentation for Aspera Technical Lead

- Please note that implementation is highly technical and requires our Aspera Server Configuration documentation to be shared with your Aspera technical lead contact.  

Aspera Transfer and Node API Users

- Within Aspera create an Aspera/Transfer User with root access to the Aspera server.
  Ensure that the Transfer User permissions has token authentication enabled.

- Within Aspera create a Node API User.
  Associate the Node API User with the Aspera/Transfer User.

Aspera Server Configuration

- Specify the docroot to ensure that the folder structure is ready for file transfer between Aspera and 3Play Media. This will also limit 3Play Media's access only to the files within this directory.  

Managing Media

- Make sure that media files stored on the Aspera server are named uniquely upon upload as the media file name will be also be used to populate the Video ID field within the 3Play Media file's metadata.


Aspera Integration How It Works

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