Brightcove: LMS Interactive Transcript Plugin

Embed an Interactive Transcript and a Brightcove player in an LMS by following the steps below...

Before getting started...

- The Interactive Transcript Module must first be activated.

- This service is an add-on module and is not available within your 3Play Media project by default. Please navigate to Settings > Modules and activate the LMS Plugin Module.

- Interactive Transcripts can only be implemented using the Brightcove LMS One-Line Embed Code if they were uploaded via the Brightcove integration or are connected to a linked Brightcove account if an alternative to the Brightcove upload methods was used to submit the media.

Regarding Audio Description

If the 3Play Media transcript file has a completed Audio Description file associated with it, the LMS One-Line Embed code will automatically include the Audio Description plugin in addition to the Interactive Transcript. 

Step 1- Log into 3Play Media

Log in to your 3Play Media account.

transcription closed captioning translation account 3Play Media login


Step 2- Add a Default Player ID to Integration Settings

This setting is required when using the LMS Plugin Embed Module with a Brightcove player.
To find the Player ID, navigate to the Players section within Brightcove, choose your preferred player, and copy the Player ID.

See more information on the Players Module from Brightcove's Knowledge Base

Skip this step if a Default Player ID was added to your Brightcove integration's settings page when the integration was initially set up.

Navigate to Upload Media > Linked Accounts and select the linked Brightcove account.

Click linked Brightcove video platform integration

Click Settings.

Brightcove integration settings for LMS plugin setup

Scroll down the Settings page to the Default Player ID field.

                     Default Player ID field for LMS interactive transcript audio description plugin Brightcove
Add the Player ID to the Default Player ID field and click Update.

Step 3- Click into the File

Click on the file within your 3Play Media project that is associated with the Brightcove video. 

Select 3Play Media file uploaded via Brightcove integration 

Step 4- Click Publish

Click the Publish button from the file show page.

Click Publish Plugin to embed interactive transcript and Brightcove player in LMS

Step 5- Select LMS Plugin Embed

Click the LMS Plugin Embed option from the Publish menu.Select LMS Plugin to publish interactive transcript audio description with Brightcove 

Step 6- Select the Brightcove Integration

Once LMS Plugin Embed is clicked, your video platform integrations will display.
Choose your linked Brightcove account.

Select linked Brightcove account for LMS interactive transcript audio description embed code

Step 7- Copy iFrame Embed Code for LMS Plugin

Once the linked Brightcove account is selected, copy the iFrame embed to your clipboard.

Copy iFrame embed for Brightcove interactive transcript audio description LMS plugin

Step 8- Publish the Plugin in the LMS

Paste the iFrame embed code into the code for the page within the LMS where you want the Brightcove player and interactive transcript to display.

Update and/or Save the code to publish the plugin!

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