One-Line YouTube Interactive Transcript & Captions Plugin

We have streamlined the process of creating the HTML code for the Interactive Transcript and Captions Plugin.  If you have a linked YouTube account, or if you uploaded a YouTube link, you can use this new "one line" plugin, so that you can simply copy the embed code, and paste it into the HTML of your webpage.  The embed code has both the YouTube embed code, as well as the HTML code for the Interactive Transcript or Captions Plugin.


Step 1 - Log into Your 3Play Media Account

Log into your 3Play Media account at

transcription closed captioning translation account 3Play Media login


Step 2 - Click on a file that was uploaded from YouTube

From the My Files page in your 3Play Media project click on the name of the file associated with your YouTube video.

Select file that correlates to Youtube video


Step 3 - Click Publish

Click Publish located above your list of files.

Click Publish Plugin


Step 4 - Select YouTube Interactive Transcript 

Click One Line Youtube

Click the One Line YouTube Embed option from the Publish menu.




Step 5 - Select Design

From the Select Template menu, choose a template from the 3 available options.

Select Template Design


We currently have 2 different styled formats for the Interactive Transcript, and one Captions Plugin.  Below are the examples:


light version interactive transcript



dark version interactive transcript


Captions Plugin


captions plugins example


Step 6 - Copy Embed Code or Link

Copy Link or Youtube Embed

Once the template is chosen, you can copy the embed code on in the top row, to embed in a website.  The second row is a link that can be copied and pasted into a browser to be viewed.



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