Captions Plugin Advanced Settings

Click on the link below to be directed to Captions Plugin section of 3Play Media's Plugin Gallery.

Click to visit the Captions Plugin section of 3Play Media Plugin Gallery 

The gallery displays both basic and advanced implementations of the captions plugin.

If your customization needs cannot be met by following the examples of code from the plugins gallery, please contact your 3Play Media sales representative for a professional services assessment. 

Tips for advanced customization and implementation

Regarding the 3Play Media Embed Code:

Advanced implementations and customization of the captions plugin can be achieved by the one-line embed that is generated from your 3Play Media account.


3Play Media captions plugin embed code example

<script type="text/javascript">src=",skin:dark,overlay:false,searchbar:true&player_type={ADD_YOUR_PLAYER_TYPE_HERE}&player_id={USE_YOUR_VIDEO_OBJECT_ID}" type="text/javascript"></script>


Video Object ID:

If you have copied the example code {USE_YOUR_VIDEO_OBJECT_ID} should be replaced with the video object ID from the media file's embed code

See more information on identifying the video object ID.

Player Type:

The media platform you are using to host your content will dictate what should replace {ADD_YOUR_PLAYER_TYPE_HERE}.

If using Brightcove, enter "brightcove"
If using Limelight, enter "delve"
If using Flowplayer, enter "flowplayer"
If using JW Player, enter "jw"
If using Kaltura, enter "kaltura"
If using Ooyala, enter "ooyala"
If using Vimeo, enter "vimeo"
If using Vimeo iFrame, enter "vimeo_iframe"
If using Wistia, enter "wistia"
If using Wistia iFrame, enter "wistia_iframe"
If using YouTube, enter "youtube"
If using SoundManager2, enter "soundmanager2"
If using HTML5, enter "html5" 

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