Standard Captions Plugin Settings

Below details the available settings for a captions plugin template. 


Skin: If you choose to have your captions displayed below the video as opposed to Overlay mode, you can choose between a light or dark background.

Overlay: Displays your closed captions over the the lower part of the video and is similar to broadcast closed captions. If you don't select Overlay, by default your captions will be displayed below the video player.

Overlay Draggable: Enables your audience to use their cursor to drag the closed captions overlay anywhere over the video image. 

Minimize Onload: When your captions are set to Overlay, this option provides a clickable CC icon in the bottom, right-hand corner of the video image. When your audience clicks the icon the closed caption overlay appears.

Include TranslationsThis parameter will only be available if the file you are building the plugin for has been translated into other languages. By checking this box, your audience will have the ability to toggle between transcripts in the different languages the original file was translated to.

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