Spanish Alignment: Upload Using the API

If you already have transcripts for your Spanish video/audio files, transcript alignment is a faster and less expensive way to create captions and/or use the 3Play Media interactive video plugins. Media files and pre-existing transcripts can also be submitted to 3Play Media for alignment using the API.


Before getting started you will need...

- A video/audio file where the speech is entirely in a dialect of Latin American Spanish.
- A pre-existing transcript of the video/audio file in a UTF-8 encode text file.
-Your API and secret API keys

See information about 3Play Media's suggested best practices to achieve the highest quality results when using the Spanish transcript alignment service.

See more information on converting Spanish transcripts to a UTF-8 text file.



This service is NOT for syncing a Spanish transcript to a media file with English audio to create subtitles.
Subtitles can be created using 3Play Media's translation services.
Upon completion of the alignment process, the Spanish can be translated.

See more information regarding translation services

The information below is when using API v1.

Click here for more information regarding API v3

Upload a File for Alignment


This method allows a link or full file to be posted to the 3Play Account system.
As soon as the file reaches the system, it will begin processing.

To upload a link, specify your link in the link attribute.
To upload a full file, attach the file as the file attribute.

In both cases, you can upload to a specific folder.
If you know the system id for that folder, use the batch_id attribute.

Alternatively, you can upload to a specific folder with the batch_name attribute.
If a folder with that name already exists, the file will go there. If it does not exist, it will be created for you.

If a folder is not specified, or the specified folder is not found, the upload will go into your last created folder.
If you have no folders on file, the file will go into a new folder named "API Upload Folder".

Define the language using language_id.
The default value for language_id is 1 (English).  
If the user is requesting Spanish, use 13


Required Properties:

  • apikey
  • api_secret_key
  • link or file
  • for_alignment=1


Available Properties:

  • name
  • video_id
  • attribute1
  • attribute2
  • attribute3
  • batch_id
  • batch_name
  • callback_url
  • transcript_for_alignment={all the text here}
  • language_id


A successful upload will return an integer value tied to the internal file_id for processing. If you do not receive this integer value, please check the error status, make necessary modifications to your POST, and try again.




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