Caption Encoding Tech Specs and Profiles

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR BROADCAST DELIVERABLES: Please note that the encoding service is intended for use cases like offline file sharing, kiosk video displays etc and not intended for broadcast deliverables. For broadcast deliverables, please download a closed caption file from your 3Play Media account and encode the captions outside of the account system using encoding software like HandbrakeApple Compressor, or Adobe Media Encoder.

Encoding Profiles and Technical Specs For Closed Captions

The table below details the technical specs for the different Encoding Profiles that will be available when you order from the account system.  Please be aware that these specs are targets; in some cases the quality of the input source video will limit how close to the target the encoding process can get.

NOTE: If you choose Source Settings, 3Play will encode the closed captions in an m4v file which has exactly the same specs as the original video that was uploaded for transcription/captioning or alignment services. So, in this case, you should be sure that the source video has the quality that you desire.

NOTE: Certain versions of Windows Media Player may not support Closed Captions. We recommend using either Quicktime or VLC Player to play these videos. Both are available on PC and Mac.

Vertical Caption Placement

Open Caption Encodings can support Vertical Caption Placement except Bottom Bar Open Captions. Please contact your account manager to enable this option.

Click here for visual examples of the open caption encoding flavors

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