Translation: Gengo Translation Review

If the Gengo Translation Review feature is enabled within your translation profile, all translations will be sent to the Review Translations state upon completion of the translation process. Here is some more information about Gengo's quality policy.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Once enabled you will have 168 hours from the time the translation is complete to request that Gengo make edits. 
Once this review period has ended, or, if you have not enabled this feature, all edits must be made by your account users within the 3Play Media translation editing interface.

Follow the steps below to review your translation and then either provide feedback or finalize the translation...

Step 1- Click Review Translation

After logging into your 3Play Media project click Review Translations within the Activity section of the My Files page.
Click Review Translation for the translation request that you want to proofread.

Translation review tool for Gengo 3Play Media translation integration

Step 2- Proofread the translation

Once the Review Translation interface opens proofread the translation.

Step 3- Approve Translation or Submit Feedback

Click Approve after reviewing the translation to finalize it if you are satisfied however if you did not receive the quality you expected, enter your notes into the text box and click Submit Feedback and Request Revision


Approve translation or request revision

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