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Dotsub translation provider

If you have chosen Dotsub as your translation provider, here is some information you may find helpful.

Over 20 languages offered...

Service Levels

One Pass General Service Level

Dotsub's standard service level is referred to as One Pass General and is available for all target languages.

Two Pass General Service Level
One Pass Medical Service Level
Two Pass Medical Service Level

Dotsub offers 3 service levels in addition to One Pass General however these service levels are only available when one of the following target languages is selected:

English into Portuguese (Brazil)
English into Spanish (Latin America)
English into Spanish (Spain)
English into French (France)
English into German
English into Italian
English into Chinese (Simplified)
English into Arabic
English into Russian


Pricing for Dotsub's translation service is based on the duration of the content.

Turnaround time and monitoring job status

Turnaround can be greatly affected by a number of factors such as the complexity of the subject matter and the specific languages requested. 



Standard -     Non Technical


Highly                  Technical

Up to 5 minutes

2-3 business  days

3-4 business  days

4-5 business  days

Up to 10 minutes

3-4 business  days

4-5 business  days

5-6 business  days

Up to 45 minutes

6-7 business  days

7-8 business  days

8-10 business  days

Up to 90 minutes

7-10 business  days

10-12 business  days

12-14 business  days

Up to 200 minutes

2-3 weeks

3-4 weeks

4-5 weeks

Up to 500 minutes

3-4 weeks

4-5 weeks

5-6 weeks


To check the status of your translation, follow the steps below...

Step 1- Select your file

From the My Files page select the file you want to check the status of. Once it is selected, it will become highlighted in blue.

Step 2- Click the Translations button

Below your list of files, click on the Translations button.

Step 3- Check the status of your translations

Your translation has three states: PendingIn Progress, and Completed
Once a translation is complete, the transcript and captions can be previewed and also edited.

See more information about Dotsub.

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